Abundance from Mark-Recapture Data

Lake Huron Sea Lamprey

Use single census mark-recapture techniques to estimate abundance of Sea Lamprey in a Lake Huron tributary.

Derek H. Ogle


Dec 23, 2022


Feb 13, 2023

Bergstedt et al. (2003) used the Petersen (with the Chapman modification) mark-recapture method to estimate the population size of parasitic Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in Lake Huron. Use their results1 from “Pre” period and the 1991 parasitic feeding year in Table 3 (use the M, C, and R rows) to confirm the population estimate (in the first row of the table) and, hopefully, the confidence interval (in the second and third rows of the table). Show your work and write a formal statement about how your results compare to those in the paper.

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    Bergstedt, R. A., R. B. McDonald, M. B. Twohey, K. M. Mullett, R. J. Young, and J. W. Heinrich. 2003. Reduction in Sea Lamprey hatching success due to release of sterilized males. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29:435–444.