Size Structure

Trout Lake Yellow Perch

Estimate size structure statistics and compare them among groups of Yellow Perch from Trout Lake (WI).
Size Structure

Derek H. Ogle


Mar 19, 2022


Dec 30, 2022


This exercise is a continuation of this data wrangling exercise and, thus, depends on data frames constructed there. Please load/run your script from that exercise to access the data frame of Yellow Perch captured in beach seines and fyke nets in 2000.

  1. Describe the distribution of lengths for Yellow Perch captured in fyke nets in 2000 using both a histogram and frequency table with 10 mm length categories.
  2. Repeat the previous question with Yellow Perch captured with beach seines.
  3. Statistically compare the length frequency distributions between Yellow Perch captured with a beach seine and in fyke nets in 2000.
  4. Write a short paragraph describing what you learned about the size structure of Trout Lake Yellow Perch, with specific comments about the two gears examined.


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